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If I could send a message to my people in Ferguson, MO it would be this: GO HOME. You are currently being used & participating in a social experiment that was written long before many of you were born. It is being played out, like a Hollywood stage show, in front of the world… Further desensitizing humanity to our struggle. “The King Alfred Plan” is a military contingency plan that was created… To implement Martial Law in our communities & rid this nation of the very people who built it in the first place. Every Urban City in America is being prepared… Even as I type this message.

Mike Brown is not coming back. We are angry, frustrated, & hurting… YES. But strategy & calm is our truest guide in this hour. You are calling for justice from a people who have no justice in them. You are looking for equality & fairness from a system that was built on your destruction. Let’s rise above our emotion & into the mind of God for a moment, & reflect… In the past week, we watched a young unarmed brother laid out in his blood in the hot sun for over 4 hrs. They left him uncovered, they wanted the world to see. They sent in tanks & heavily armed war mongers… They used acoustic sound weapons… Like this is Iran. They sprayed you with tear gas & shot rubber bullets at you… And made sure the media was front & center to broadcast it to the world. The FAA proclaimed the city a “No Fly Zone” & monitored your movement via drones to keep you in check. They are telling you where to go & when to move. You cannot stand still. There are agent provocateurs in your midst & negros who may or may not have your best interest at hand…

You’ve made your point. We honor & SALUTE you. Your courageousness & bravado is what we need in this hour - Organized & Focused. GO HOME, please. Wait for the cameras to leave & the fire to die down. Then get together & start planning. Put $ together to make sure the family has the best legal defense. Prep the community for disaster preparedness & organize the men to be ready for what’s ahead. Teach the women, boys & girls self defense. There are no leaders coming to save you - Save Yourself. We keep waiting on saviors & the saviors never come. Let’s be wise in how we move from here on out, bcz what’s in Ferguson today will be in Cali tomorrow, Texas next week, & NY real soon… This is 2014 not 1960… You do not appeal to the morality of a devil. I don’t have all the answers but I DO KNOW what I see & it is NOT what any of us think it is. Pentagon 1033 plan is in full effect. We are being socialized to be attacked. #WAKEUP

ZaZa Ali
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